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Testimonials and recommendations for Scythuz Music:


"I think he is a wonderfully talented musician who has unbeatable prices. He works well with time constraints, and knows how to make your game feel exactly how you want it through song. If I could recommend anybody to you all, it'd be this guy. :3"


"I've had several tracks from him so far and I couldn't be happier with his work. He takes a real interest in the game, the settings and its direction, and has approached every request I've given him with total professionalism.  His work is thoughtful and high quality. He's got some serious talent!"


"The work I had Scythuz do for me ended up being amazing, done in a timely manner, and all for a fair price.  I have absolutely no complaints and give Scythuz a 10/10 review.  Anybody who is looking for a composer should consider Scythuz (unless you do not want spectacular music in your game)." 


"Top-of-the-line music, awesome enough to brighten any day! I bought Scy's Dungeon Music Pack - it has yet to disappoint!
A highly-recommended composer for your projects, games or not :D"


"He's proven that he can make many styles of songs and they're all high quality.  Scythuz is definitely at the top of my list for custom music for games!"


"As a fellow musician I've seen Scythuz put great care to every piece of music he's written. Hiring him is hiring a composer who is highly versatile, personable, and committed to every piece of music he writes. He is also quick and never shies away from a challenge."


"I've been working with Scythuz for about a year and a half now and it's been great. Over that time he turned from a great musician to a fantastic musician, always willing to try out new challenges and showing great interest in the projects themselves, as well as working fast and efficiently!"


" I must say that I am impressed with Scythuz's ability to compose all sorts of music.  He is able to produce high quality tracks at blazing speeds.  There is not a single track from Scythuz that I dislike in any way at all.  I must also mention that he is an extremely pleasant and friendly person to work with.  Certainly an amazing, talented and highly recommended composer. ^.^"


"Dragons? Music? Flawless victory."


"He works for a pittance compared to what he deserves for the effort he puts in, and he has a lot of passion for what he does. I would let his portfolio do the talking, but there's a musician-to-client bond you get with Scythuz which I think is rather a rare thing these days. He will listen to you, your request and your goals, and he will take everything into account to help you achieve the exact way you want your project to feel."


"Scythuz works very independently - he played the game through, we made a list of areas that needed BGM or different BGM to what was already there, I gave him a list of emotions I wanted the player to feel in these areas, and he set to work. Communication was excellent. He was very fast in providing samples for feedback. There were only a few instances where I asked him to make modifications and he did so quickly and without complaint. In most cases he provided a track that was spot on, the very first time."


"Scythuz is a great and prolific composer, he made over 200 tracks and can easily work in different styles as well (check all his stuff in the various Restaffs). He's also a very humble and talented person, works as fast as the wind and provides high quality tracks in no time. Hire him to make music for your games, he's awesome."


"He really has a lot to offer, with different variety of styles and great atmospheric vibe. If your game needs some classy and high quality soundtracks, don't even hesitate about hiring this mighty dragon~ He is very fast at what he does and great person to communicate with ;)"


 "I just commissioned Scythuz today and got my music same day. It is custom made, and to the tune produced by another musician I commissioned previous to fit the theme of the game.  I am very pleased with the result, and hope that you will give Scythuz a try for your project."


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